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ASP.NET Core Tutorial for Beginners

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ASP.NET Core is the new web framework from Microsoft. It has been redesigned from the ground up to be fast, flexible, modern, and work across different platforms. Moving forward, ASP.NET Core is the framework that can be used for web development with .NET. If you have any experience with MVC or Web API over the last few years, you will notice some familiar features.

At the end of this arcticle and video series, you will have everything you need to start using ASP.NET Core and write an application that can create, edit, and view data from a database. so let's get started.

Course Description

  1. Introduction of ASP.NET Core Download
  2. ASP.NET Core Environment Setup Download
  3. Create New Project using ASP.NET Core Download
  4. ASP.NET Core Application Project Structure Download
  5. ASP.NET Core wwwroot Folder Customization Download
  6. ASP.NET Core Program.cs File Download
  7. ASP.NET Core Startup Class Download
  8. .NET Core Command Line Interface Download
  9. ASP.NET Core Dependancy Injection Download
  10. ASP.NET Core Built In IoC Container Download
  11. ASP.NET Core Middleware Download
  12. How to Create Custom Middleware in ASP.NET Core Download
  13. How to configure Default File in ASP.NET Core Download
  14. How to use Environment Variable in ASP.NET Core Download
  15. ASP.NET Core Exception Handling Download
  16. How to Serve Static Files in ASP.NET Core Download
  17. Serve Static Files from Other Folder in ASP.NET Core Download
  18. .NET Core Logging Download
  19. ASP.NET Core Loggin Download
  20. Code Sharing in .NET Core Download
  21. How to target multi framework in .NET Core Application Download
  22. Passing Dynamic JSON Object in ASP.NET Core API Download
  23. Hosting ASP.NET Core Application in Windows Service Download
  24. Hosting Models in ASP.NET Core (InProcess & OutOfProcess) Download
  25. JWT Bearer authentication in middleware using ASP.NET Core. Download
  26. Create JWT Token using middleware in ASP.NET Core - Part 2 Download
  27. Implement JSON Web Token (JWT) in ASP.NET Core Download
  28. Read JWT Token from Custom Header in ASP.NET Core Download

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