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Hello World Demo in iPhone

Published on October 17, 2019 8:00:31 PM

We are an online tutoring company that has laid its foundation in utilizing Multiple Intelligence methodology to understand specific needs and learning styles of a student.HelloWorldViewController.xib window double click the View object to open up the view. This is what your application will look like when you load it. What we want to do here is add a UILabel so that we can see the text we entered, a UITextField so that we can enter text.

Step 1 : Open the XCode and create a new Single View Based Application template. Give the application name "HelloWorld Example". Copy this Code to the ViewController.h

For the Simple Hello World Example You have to just Drag a Label From the Inspector or ToolBox and set its title to "Hello World in IPhone". and Set it's forecolor and other Propertie's etc.

Hello World Demo in iPhone - Video Tutorial